How do I claim my profile? 
Search for your name.  Once you locate your name, click on the profile and then click on "this is my business".  Don't worry if your profile details have your old website or phone number.  Once you claim the listing you can change the details as you see fit, including your business name. 

I found my business listing but the details are incorrect, should I create a new listing?
No.  Just go ahead and claim the listing and you will be able to edit/update the details as you see fit.

Why did you create this site?
We created the site for actors to have one central place to search for headshot photographers. Having been in LA awhile surrounded by actors, we realized it always seemed to be a game of word of mouth …and many end up listening to the wrong people. Who better to hear how a photographer is from than your fellow actors who have actually shot with that photographer?

How do I use this site?
Simple! Use the search box to find a photographer in your city and their ratings. You do not need an account to use the search function. Use the advanced search button to narrow down your search fields further, including searching by zip code, availability of parking or a makeup artist, by who has the highest ratings or even by sex.
To rate or add a headshot photographer to our database, please create an individual user account. Once created, there are buttons which tell you where you can go to do both.

How do I find a photographer in my city?
Just click on the name of the city in the box in the middle of the home page. Don’t see it there? Click on the “More Cities” button. If you don’t see your city name in that box either, we do not yet have any listings for your city. Please put the word out to the acting community and hopefully photographers will soon be listed near you!

How do I find out if a photographer is good?
Look at their ratings! The more camera-studded stars, the better their overall rating. If the photographer you are looking at doesn’t have any ratings yet then try checking out their website, calling them for a consult or simply Googling them. If someone had a really bad experience, they might just have written about it somewhere. Then, after you’ve had your shoot, please come back to us and give the photographer you loved some love (or unlove, as the case may be).

My photographer is not listed here.
If you’ve recently had shots with someone and they are not listed, please add them! What better way to rave about your latest shots than to add your photographer to our database and give them their first ratings!

Yay! I can’t wait to rip into this one photographer I used…
Whoa there, horsey. That prospect might be exciting if you had a really bad session. We totally get that. Just make sure to keep it professional and relate your experience to the professionalism of the photographer and how your shots turned out. If the photog creeps you out it’s fair game, if you don’t like their haircut, it’s not.

How many photographers can I add?
To infinity and beyond! Also known as …as many as you want.

How many ratings can I give?
We don’t have a set number of ratings that a user can give. We realize some people get shots many times a year and this means they will be in a position to rate more photographers. We also realize that you may have many photographers that you have used in the past that you now want to rate on our lovely site! We also want to ensure our ratings are fair, however, so we will do some follow up on anyone rating unrealistic numbers of photogs.

Is this site free? Are you going to try to charge me for something later?
Yes! The site is free to use and always will be. Photographers are welcome to pay for advertising and promotions of their business should they wish to do so but it will always be free for users.

This is what I’ve been waiting for! How do I share this site with other actors?
Please check out our Facebook LIKE and Twitter buttons on the home page. On EVERY page, check out the plethora of sharing options after the text “Get shots in your circle.” From here, you can not only share on social media, Digg, etc. but also print or email the page you are on.

I don’t know if my headshots are good or not.
We have a solution for that too! Check out our sister site at http://www.TypeCastMe.com, the web’s only place to get unbiased, anonymous feedback on your headshots.

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